The company VERNA Sp. o.o. was founded in 1991.

We are importer of accessories for mobile phones and mobile devices.

Since January 2008  we are the general representative of  Maxpower products  for Europe.

In 2009 we introduced the Reverse brand with highest quality product and packaging.

MaxPower International Group Ltd since 1996 is one of the best known and most respected producers of batteries, chargers and GSM accessories on international and domestic market, which guarantee quality of our products. 


Our offer is directed to distributors, wholesalers and brokers trading across Poland and customers operating outside Poland - EU (export).


Our priority is customer satisfaction. We make every effort to offer a wide range of proven quality product  while maintaining an affordable price.

Our experts are constantly take care that each of the product passed rigorous tests and have the necessary certificates.

All of our products are warranted in accordance with EU law.


We offer a wide range of original accessories recognizable worldwide, both standard and tailored individually to the customer. We are ready to realize any of  your individual order under dedicated supply.

You are welcome to get acquainted with our offer. 

For more details please contact our sales office

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